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Formation Services

Needing to know more about co-operatives and the Co-operative Advantage?

Co-operatives WA can assist with your understanding of how co-operatives are structured and governed.

Initial consultation is free-of-charge and obligation free.

Co-operatives WA can work with you to:

  • Outline and help navigate optional (replaceable) rules;
  • Prepare bespoke rules that are fit for purpose and compliant;
  • Prepare Disclosure Statements;
  • Lodge application for approval of Draft Rules and Disclosure Statements;
  • Prepare the Formation Meeting agenda;
  • Facilitate holding of the Formation Meeting; and
  • Lodgement of application to a register co-operative.

Documented Scope of Work, Fee Quote and Membership Subscription detail available upon request –

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Training Courses & Events

The University of WA Business School in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Management WA run an Executive Learning Program designed specifically for co-operative enterprises following extensive research into the needs of the co-operative sector.

Whilst management of a co-operative has some similarities to mainstream businesses there are important differences relating to areas such as their governance, distribution of share capital and voting rights, human resources, communications, marketing and strategic purpose.

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program will equip participants to:

  • Compare and contrast the co-operative business model with that of investor-owned businesses;
  • Exhibit knowledge of the co-operative business model as it exists locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Demonstrate an ability to apply their understanding of co-operative enterprise business model dynamics to the solving of managerial problems;
  • Evaluate the impact and make strategic decisions in relation to:
    • government policies and legal environments;
    • competitive market dynamics;
    • social co-operation within their member community, and
    • the impact of the natural environment; and
  • Understand the nature of member loyalty and engagement within a co-operative enterprise and how to strengthen and retain member commitment.


Search for details of the next Co-operatives and Mutuals Strategic Development Program which is available in a three day face-to-face format or delivered in a six module on-line format.

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Help & Advice


Help Desk service available at:


Fixed Line         08 9368 5155

Voice/SMS        0429 671 314

Service is free-of-charge to Members.

Assistance available for individuals or steering groups considering forming a co-operative.

Co-ops WA office and mailing address is:

            Suite 1
            2 Canning Highway
            South Perth   WA   6151

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